Everyone has a story

Everyone has a story…..

One of Tom’s favorite aspects about selling the pieces that we have finished is meeting and talking with the buyers. He likes to share our story, the story of the piece we are selling, and learning the buyer’s story- what drew them to our piece.

This week we sold the executive desk that Tom recently completed. I had listed this piece on our Etsy site, Craiglist, and a few other sites.  Less than 24 hours after listing, Mary contacted via Craigslist and Etsy about the piece.  When she came to look at the desk with her husband she shared that she had just graduated and was looking for a desk- something special and not a cheap press-wood piece.  She had apparently been looking for awhile but just couldn’t find what she was looking for.  Her husband suggested that she look on Craigslist and see what she might find.  Mary shared that when she went to Craigslist, our desk was the first item she saw and it seem to be just what she had been looking for.  She also shared that the owl we had used in staging the item especially drew her in as she saw this as a sign from her dad (unfortunately I never did learn the connection/story behind her dad and owls, but must be something special for her.)  Adding to the story, Mary’s husband works for the US Postal Service.  As he was looking over the desk, he noted that he believed this might have been an old Postmaster desk.

Good karma and a good story.

Mary, we hope that you continue to love your new desk and get many years of enjoyment from the new piece.

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