My husband says he should have never bought these chairs, but he did

So Tom says that today’s post should be titled “I should have never bought these chairs, but I did!”

Several weeks ago, while driving home from an appointment, Tom came across a garage sale and was excited to pick up these two chairs for $4.  Couldn’t wait to send me a text with a picture of his great find!

What was he thinking?

What was he thinking?

Now, nearly a month later, after spending quite a bit of time cleaning off years of dirt and grime, sanding them down to a clean finish, and removing not one, not two, but three layers of upholstery, he’s regretting his big purchase.  I’m not so sure.

Last night we headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics to purchase new fabric for the seats.  Since we intend to sell these chairs, I was looking for something fun, but also cheap economical.  After looking at everything they had in regular stock and realizing that I only needed less than 1 yard of fabric to cover both chairs, I headed to remnants bin.  There I hit pay dirt- I found the fabric I had seen with the regular stock (with a price of $44.95/yd) reduced to 40% off due to a sale and then another 50% because it was a remanent.  Scored just what I needed for $10!!


From Jo Anne’s we headed across the street to Lowe’s to look for paint.  Initially I wanted a dark contrast and leaned towards the dark brown of the stems.  However after giving it some thought I was afraid that in going with brown, it might look like a botched staining job.  While Tom was trying to match to burgundy color I walked on the wild side and hunted for the pea green color.  Found a nearly perfect match in Bamboo Leaves from Valspar.

bamboo leaves

I think that this combo, along with the silhouette of the chairs will give us a funky mid-century modern feel.  Can’t wait to see if I’m right.  Hopefully I’ll have something to share over the weekend.

What do you think?


UPDATE… Finally got the chairs redone.  Read about them here:



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