Our Table- In the Wild!

So often when we sell a piece that we have refinished, it’s out the door, never to be seen or heard from again.  Recently, however, we sold the Farmhouse Table that had refinished to Sherry.

IMG_3956Sherry saw the table, dropped us an email and come of that same night with her mother to check it out.  Apparently Sherry is furnishing her new home and needed several pieces of furniture, one of which was a table to go with chairs she already had.

When she arrived and saw the table, she was thrilled- this was exactly what she was looking for, which of course made us happy as well.  As usual we chatted for awhile about the table, and life in general while we loaded to the table into her car.

The next day, I dropped Sherry a quick thank you note and asked how the table worked in her space.

“It’s perfect” was her reply, which was music to our ears.  In addition, she was nice enough to snap a picture of the table, with her chairs and send us a copy.

Sherry's New Table

Sherry’s New Table

It’s so rare that we get to see our finished projects on their new surroundings, that getting this picture was a special treat!


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