Puttin on the Ritz

Tom and I are once again participating in a #30DayFlip challenge in Facebook.  This month’s theme is painted furniture.


For our project we started with a flip top accent table that had a petal shaped top which we picked up this fall at the church rummage sale.


The dark stain and gold decals really dated the piece.  In addition the wood of the legs were pretty banged up and the whole table needed to be tightened up.


The first thing we did was completed disassemble the table- took of the top and removed the three legs from the base pole.  Next, Tom sanded down the top to give me a nice new smooth surface to work with.


With the pedal shaped top I knew I wanted to give this table a bit of a feminine touch, but not so girly girl that men wouldn’t appreciate it too.  In addition, I wanted to try my hand at stenciling so off I went to Michael’s for inspiration and supplies.  After considering all the different stencil designs, I settled on a basic Doily stencil by American Mixed Art.  From there the color choices emerged in my head.

For the legs, center base pole, and underside of the top, I used two coats of Carmel Latte Brushed Metallic spray paint by Krylon.  After reattaching the the legs to the center pole I sealed the pieces with two coats of Clear Satin Polyacrylic Spray from Miniwax.

For the top, painted two coats of my go-to antique white latex paint.  Next I carefully taped down the stencil and using a round stencil brush and Champagne Gold acrylic paint, stenciled the Doily design on the top.  After I was done stenciling, I carefully removed the stencil and waited for my paint to dry overnight (of course the fact that I had stenciled at 7 pm probably had more to do with the overnight drying time than anything else, LOL!)  The next day I painted the sides of the top with the same Champagne Gold acrylic paint.  Once the sides were completely dry, I used a sponge brush and applied three coats of Clear Satin Polyacrylic, sanding with 320 grit sandpaper between coats.

Once everything was completely dry I reattached the top to the base and viola’ I was done!

I love how glitzy and chic the finished product turned out.  It’s fun, fashionable, and a wee bit feminine.

I wish I had the space to keep this cutie, but alas I don’t.  Instead it’s currently for sale here at our Shop Our Treasured Life.


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3 Responses to Puttin on the Ritz

  1. Pili says:

    Love that champagne color you chose, it is a beautiful table! You made me laugh with the drying times, I also do many of my projects at night so I don’t get impatient waiting for them to dry.

    • colleenlaux says:

      Thanks for the complement. As for overnight drying, during the winter months I just seem to have less motivation with the short days.

  2. Sue Purdy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous job Colleen. Love it 🙂 Especially that cute doily stencil. It’s perfect.

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