ReUse-apalooza- Designer Challenge 2016


Tom and I are excited to be entering the Designer Challenge for ReUse-apalooza, a local event benefiting Easter Seals.

What is the ReUse-apalooza Designer Challenge?  To be quite honest we aren’t 100% certain as this will be our first time participating in the challenge and the event.  It seems, however it be a bit like HGTV’s Flea Market Flip- except we only have on project to complete, no “experts” to help us, and an entire month to complete our projects.

Upon signing up for the challenge we received a $125 store credit to Building Value to be used for the supplies for our project (like the initial $500 contestants get to spend on Flea Market Flip).  We can also use other materials we have on hand and if needed can purchase additional supplies, though this is discouraged since one of the reasons for the Designer Challenge is to showcase the imaginative and creative ways to reuse/repurpose the items that Building Value carries.  In addition, the rules of the challenge require that our projects be made from a majority of resused or repurposed items.

After getting our supplies, we have until May 1 to complete our projects and return them to Building Value. (Thankfully, lots more than the single day contestants get on Flea Market Flip)

The big event then comes on May 20- Easter Seal’s ReUse-apalooza– a “FUN and FUNKY fundraiser, featuring unique live entertainment, local bites & beet, and the ever popular Designer Challenge auction.”  At the event all of the entries from the Challenge are on display and offered for sale through a silent auction.  All of the proceeds from the auction benefits our local Easter Seals organization.

At the conclusion of the auction, prizes are awarded in several different categories based upon the highest sale prices (just like on Flea Market Flip).

If you are local to the Cincinnati area, I’d like to encourage you to consider purchasing tickets to this fundraising event- an of course check our entry and BID EARLY-BID OFTEN and most importantly BID BIG!!!!

Later this week, we’ll share our “inspiration” that we found on Pinterest and the raw materials we got to create our masterpiece entry!

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