ReUse-apalooza Designer Challenge- Part 3- We are Done!!

Well, our ReUse-apalooza #DesignerChallenge2016 entry is finally completed and has been turned into the auction.  Unfortunately I don’t have a nice “staged” picture to share as we ran out of time finishing the project and getting it delivered in time.  I do, however have a picture of the finished project as it sits in our messy garage.

ReUse-apalooza Wine Cabinet

A really wish I had a less messy picture of the finished wine cabinet 🙁

Now that the project is said and done, it’s been very interesting how much our original concept evolved as we worked on the piece.

Just to remind you, here was our “inspiration” from Pinterest.

Repurposed kitchen cabinets: i like the basic idea- different color though, shorter legs, chicken wire is a good choice too:

With this in mind, when we headed to Building Value to choose our supplies I originally looked for a kitchen cabinet with nice doors that we could cut out for the chicken wire.  Well, when we couldn’t find any that matched what we wanted, we settled on a very plain pressed wood cabinet and though we could use a router (which, BTW we don’t own and have never used, but why let little details get in the way of a brilliant idea, LOL).

For the top we wanted some nice rustic wood, but again no can do.  All of the wood boards we found were in too rough of shape are weren’t the right size so instead we settled on a three paneled solid wood door, which we cut down, for the top.  {Attaching the top to the cabinet became a challenge in the later stages of the project} And for the legs we choose some old wooden spindles, again going for a shabby chic look.

After bringing our supplies home and really starting to think things through, we quickly ditched the idea of cutting out openings in the doors and opted to purchase some 11″x14″ picture frames from St. Vincent dePaul thrift store to add visual interest to the doors.  At this stage, Tom was thinking we could paint or stencil some sort of design inside of the picture frames once they were attached.

With supplies in hand, ti was time to begin “some assembly required”

Step One: Tom had to figure out how to build out the cubbies to hold the wine bottles in the center section.  With plans from the internet in hand, he went to work building this section with some old shelves we picked up on a second trip to Building Value.  After a few “bumps” which I’m probably not supposed to discuss, the cubbies were done and attached into the cabinet.

Desinger Challenge 1

Cabinet Supplies

Step Two:  Tom cut down the 3 paneled door down into 2 panels to be used for the top, filled in holes with wood putty and the stained the entire door with his favorite Ebony wood stain.  The top got a nice protective seal with satin poly.

Desinger Challenge 2

Cabinet Top

Step Three:  Working on the legs became our first really big challenge.  Even though we picked up brackets to screw the legs into the bottom of the cabinet, when we actually screwed the legs we cut from the spindles, they just weren’t steady enough.  It became apparent that we needed to go back to the drawing board for this one.  Luckily while we were considering what to use for legs we were in the process of buying a new bed for our bedroom.  The new furniture didn’t use the old bed frame which thankfully had several chunky legs that we could re-purpose for the wine cabinet.  Score one for a last minute upcycle.  Bonus points because these legs from the bed frame already were threaded and had stabilizing feet at the bottom.

Spindles for the legs looked good, but just weren’t sturdy enough

Step Four:  Finally the cabinet was ready for me to take over for paint.  After taping off the inside section of the cabinet, I painted the outside with DIY chalk paint, using Poppie’s Paint Powder and “Oops” paint in a nice mint green from Home Depot.  [Got to love the Oops paints- I picked up a 1 qt can of latex paint for $2.50!!!]  After this was dried, I taped off the outside of the cabinet and painted the inside with flat black spray paint.  I also painted the picture frames for the cabinet doors with the flat black paint.

Thus, while we originally set out to build a shabby chic wine cabinet, our finished project was much more mid-century modern, which it so totally not our norm.  On the other hand, sometimes a piece simply speaks to you in a different language and calls for a different look!

When Tom delivered the finished project to Building Value they were very complementary about the wine cabinet and now we wait and see how well it does at the upcoming auction.

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area, I encourage you to come to ReUse-apalooza on May 20, 2016.  Check out our wine cabinet as well as all of the other entries that will be auctioned off that night.  Then bid early, bid high, and bid often, because the proceeds benefit a great cause.


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