Road Side Save- #30DayFlip

Once again, while driving to work on trash morning, I spotted a large armoire set out for the trash.  As before, I quickly got on the phone, gave Tom a call, and sent him out with the truck to pick up my roadside find.

Later, when he got home, he sent me this picture, saying “Oops.  I filled the truck.”

Apparently he couldn’t pass up this contact paper covered gem.

After peeling off the mushroom contact paper (which BTW reminds me of the décor from my aunt’s kitchen during the early 1970s!) this is what we found

Wow- it appears that this was a toy box from the 60s- kittens and mice!  At that point, I tried to convince Tom to stop there- just clean up the box, add handles and replace what appeared to be missing trim and sell it as a “retro” toy box.

For better or worse, he wasn’t having any of that.  Instead he sanded the entire box down to the natural oak, added a piece of plywood to shore up the bottom, glued on some trim pieces and them finished it off.

The top was stained with Ebony stain and several coats of poly.  The box itself was painted with white latex, the hand waxed with tinted paste wax to dull up the bright white and give it a more aged look.

To finish it off, Tom added an antique door plate to the front for more visual interest.

So, can you believe that in less than a week, the contact papered covered toy box was transformed into this beautiful blanket chest?

This is the first of our projects for the #30DayFlip

BTW, if you’d like to own this chest, it’s for sale in our newly opened Etsy shop.

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