Will Stop For Garage Sale

Until recently I have never been much of a garage sale shopper- I’ve held several sales myself, but shopping had never held much interest.  My sister-on-law Vickie, on the other hand I lovingly refer to as the “Garage Sale Queen.”  She knows where to shop, the ins and outs, how to negotiate, etc.  One year for Christmas I gave her a “Garage Sale Gift Certificate” which was actually a decorated quarter holder (the kind you buy at the coin shops for collecting quarters), which, of course, I filled with quarters.  She loved it.

I think the thing that I really dislike about garage sales is the haggling- I have NEVER liked negotiating over prices- whether it’s a new/used car, trinkets in the islands, or  anything else.  However, now that we’ve started garage sale shopping to find furniture to refinish, Tom and I have settled into a nice routine.  Once we find something we like, I whisper to him how much I’m willing to pay and he does the negotiating- he likes that game.

So now, we too, are regular garage sale shoppers, often stopping when we drive by one on our way to somewhere else.  A few weekends ago that what we did- we were on our way to lunch, when we drove past a yard sale.  We pulled over and found a great little farmhouse style dining table- these have been some of our favorite makeovers!   This one was solid oak to boot- a great find.

While I can’t remember the asking price, I do remember what we paid for it- only $10!!!!

After bringing the table home and cleaning it up (it was a mess), Tom sanded down the top and stained it with a nice dark walnut stain.  he then sealed it with clear poly and hand waxed to a nice and smooth finish.


The skirt of the table top and legs were my project.  I wanted something different so rather than opting for the more traditional off white legs I went with black.  I used Pitch Black milk paint from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. While the legs were slightly sanded, I did not completely remove all of the old finish.  Therefore when the paint dried it had that fun chippy finish and a shabby chic look.  Once the paint dried I used a Scotchbrite pad to chip away all of the loose milk paint and then sealed the legs with dark wax.  I really love the uneven and unexpected results you get with milk paint.  I think it gives a piece that shabby chic look that I could never achieve otherwise.


And if you love this table as much as I do, it can be yours.  Check out this table and all of the other items we currently have for sale.



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  1. Jennifer Hudgens says:

    Hi Colleen- Jen Hudgens here. I had purchased one of your coffee tables. Hey- Is that large white frame display frame with the chicken coup wire still for sale?

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